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Steven Davies

Does Medicare cover online hearing aids?

Posted on December 02, 2013 by Steven Davies | 0 Comments

The short answer to whether or not Medicare will cover hearing aids, whether purchased in your local community or online is: "I don't know".  Unfortunately Medicare has many different options depending on where you live in the United States and my research shows hearing health plans vary almost state to state.

The people that seem to have the best chance of any coverage for hearing aids are those who have additional or supplemental insurance policies. Some states will cover audiological assessments and/or hearing aid evaluations, which is rarely needed as many hearing clinics offer hearing testing as a free service with the hope that if you require hearing aids you will purchase them through their office.  

With the price of hearing aids today, it's rare to find even a premium supplemental insurance policy that covers the full price of what hearing clinics are charging for hearing aids.  Often they'll cap the coverage at $200-$600 each hearing aid.  With hearing aids currently selling for $1500-$2000 in retail hearing clinics the coverage barely reduces the pain of the purchase price.  Fortunately, more and more people holding hearing aid insurance coverage are able to claim the hearing aids that they've purchased online, which often completely covers the purchase price.  You have many different private insurers playing by many different sets of rules so you'll need to talk to your plan administrator to get the hard facts on your own policy.

Some plans like Medicaid will have hearing aid coverage but they are simply reducing your income and then paying for your hearing aids. In reality you are paying for your own hearing aids and living with less income.  

In order to weave your way through the many different options available to you, you must be either a magician or a lawyer. I have come up with a brief list of where you can find further information depending on where you live below.


State Coverage  Website
Alabama None


Arizona None
Arkansas None
California Some
Colorado None
Connecticut Some
Delaware Some
Dist of Columbia None
Florida Some
Georgia None
Hawaii Some
Idaho Some
Illinois Some
Indiana Some
Iowa Some
Kansas Some
Kentucky None
Louisiana None
Maine None
Maryland None
Massachusetts Some
Michigan None
Minnesota Some
Mississippi None
Missouri Some
Montana Some
Nebraska Some
Nevada Some
New Hampshire Some
New Jersey Some
New York Some
North Carolina None
North Dakota Some
Ohio Some
Oklahoma None
Oregon Some
Pennsylvania None
Rhode Island Some
South Carolina None
South Dakota Some
Tennessee None
Texas Some
Utah None
Vermont Some
Virginia None
Washington Some
West Virginia None
Wisconsin Some
Wyoming Some

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