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The best Christmas present ever!

Posted on December 18, 2013 by Steven Davies | 0 Comments

I have been in the hearing aid business for almost 20 years now and i have never heard a story like this.  The other day, while I was working in the hearing clinic, I met with a client who told me about the best Christmas he had ever had.  I was really touched when he told me about it, and I would love to share it with you now.

My client is an older gentleman and had been wearing hearing aids for years.  He told me how he had a hard time getting used to them.  He started before digital hearing aids were invented, which meant he lived with frustrations that new wearers today no longer have to.  However, he persevered and with his latest purchase of top-of-the-line digital hearing aids, he says he's hearing like he is 29 again.  

He is the father of two sons and is the grandfather of four grandchildren.  Three of the grandhildren are boys and one is a girl named Jess.  Jess is graduating from high school this year and is now very happy.  But she wasn't always happy.  In her junior year at school she found that she could never hear very well.  She tried sitting at the front of the classroom and that helped a little.  She tried different spots at lunch to hear better too - but that didn't work well at all.  She was asked to several dances but always refused because she didn't want to look silly because she couldn't hear at all in those loud places.  Jess didn't even know she had a hearing loss.  She thought it was normal not to hear things like birds, snow crunching, the sounds her cell phone makes when she gets new messages and about 150 other sounds most of us take for granted.  Jess had never even thought of getting a hearing test.

Being hearing impaired himself, my client, and Jess's grandpa picked up on the signs of hearing loss and brought Jess to an audiologist for a hearing test.  The audiologist they visited explained that Jess was suffering from a moderate high frequency hearing loss.  This type of hearing loss makes it extremely difficult to hear in any sort of noisy environments.  Living with this hearing loss without using hearing aids can lead to things like Phonemic Regression, which typically means the brain stops understanding words through the ears because it's been under stimulated for a long period of time.  As a maturing young woman, Jess was moved to tears as she was provided with answers to why she dealt with so many communication problems that none of her piers seemed to deal with.

So, back to the point of this story.  The best Christmas present ever!  My client bought Jess digital hearing aids and she absolutely LOVED them.  She got the invisible ones so no one could see them, which was very important to her.  A hard sell for her Grandpa who wears the Behind-The-Ear Style and is convinced the in canal ones don't sound as good.  Not one to disappoint his grand daughter he bought her what she wanted to wear.  

Apparently she wears them all the time.  She has a boyfriend who takes her out dancing almost weekly and my client says "she shines like a young woman who was blind and now can see".

The gift of hearing, for at least three people, considered the best Christmas present ever.

Watch the video's below to see how the gift of hearing has impacted the lives of other people who were living deaf and then through the miracle of science, medicine and technology are hearing for the first time.

Let's start with a little boy hearing his father for the first time.

A young woman's emotional reaction to hearing her husbands voice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story, as much as I enjoyed hearing it from my client.  

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