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Would you spend $1000 more to buy the same hearing aid from one retailer instead of another?

Posted on December 30, 2013 by Steven Davies | 0 Comments

The price of hearing aids in many different hearing clinics in the United States and Canada are very expensive.  When we first developed our concept of taking qualified hearing specialists and making them available online for clients who were looking for hearing help at affordable prices, we did extensive research into the pricing of Brick and Morter hearing aids.

We found that prices for the exact same brand of hearing aids could vary by $1000 each from one hearing clinic to the next.  I am talking about the exact same hearing aid, shopping models like Phonak Q70 or Siemens 7mi, not just generically shopping Phonak or Siemens.  We were very surprised by this find but quickly began to realize why it was possible.

Many different brick and morter locations can charge whatever they want for hearing aids.  Even entry level hearing aids like the Phonak Q30 and Siemens 3 mi have been priced in excess of $2500 each, where the average retail price is $1600.00.  It's not the first industry to charge as much as the industry can bare, nevertheless it's frustrating for consumers to see the exact same hearing aids sold for such huge price variations, sometimes within the same cities.  The clinics charging the most usually have some sort of market advantage; a good location, poor competition or my favorite - they have an ENT or family physician directly referring to them.

We definately found that when an ENT is refering to a hearing clinic that they are the ones that typically are charging the most for the exact same types of hearing aids.  It can be pretty influential when an ENT recommends a hearing clinic to shop with, some consumers may even think this is part of the prescription.  Inside of the hearing clinic, customers are often sold everything but the hearing aids that they need to hear better with.  The hearing professionals time, educational level, whether the chairs in the lobby are made from cloth or leather, whether coffee is served in a paper cup or fancy mug.  Retail is retail, we all expect to pay more for the same shirt if we buy it from a little boutique shop in a mall than if we find the same shirt at Target - the same goes for hearing aids.  

It is our desire to take this sort of nonsense completely out of the buying decision for our Clearly Hearing clients.

We have used com-parables with poplar brands like Phonak, Siemens, Starkey and Oticon to help our customers match our hearing aids against hearing aids they may be recommended inside of their local hearing clinic.  The style of hearing aid and the features inside of a hearing aid however are more important than the name brand of the hearing aid.  We've created a page on our website to help educate consumers on some of the most important features available in hearing aids to help them decide what hearing aid is right for them.  We believe that learning as much as you can about hearing loss and hearing aids before you purchase anything will only help you in your journey towards better hearing.

My name is Steven Davies and I've personally sold hearing aids from retail hearing clinics for over 10 years.  I am confident that when you compare the hearing aid technology we offer online to the hearing aid technology you are offered in retail hearing clinics you'll see many similarities.  What you won't get on-line is the face-to-face service that you'll receive inside of a hearing clinic, which can be very important to some clients and not all that important to others.  If your comfortable working with hearing professionals via technology than buying online can be a good way to purchase hearing aids at savings of thousands of dollars.  If your not comfortable purchasing your hearing aids online than I'd recommend you ask your hearing professional for a price quote on an exact hearing aid and price shop it at a minimum of two other locations to ensure you are recieving a fair price.

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