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Jeffrey David

Hearing Aids For Sale, "Read All About It"

Posted on February 02, 2014 by Jeffrey David | 0 Comments

In today’s economy we can all benefit from saving money whenever possible.  If you want to make sure your getting the best price on the products your buying make sure you shop around.  Hearing Aids are no exception.  If your one of the more than 50 million people living with hearing loss in North America, finding hearing aids for sale can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Buying hearing aids is unlike buying a computer or a new digital camera, in the way that you can find the same technology, or even the exact same hearing aids priced drastically different from one retailer to the next.  It's well known that hearing aids enjoy mark-ups like very few other electronics.  Perhaps that's why retailers are able to offer huge discounts off of their normal prices.  

We did a quick search to find hearing aids for sale in different markets across the United States.  It was pretty easy to find hearing aids for sale, in fact we found companies offering $500 Off on Starkey hearing aids, $1000 Off on Beltone hearing aids and even buy one Miracle Ear or Siemens hearing aid and receive the second Miracle Ear or Siemens hearing aid for 50% off.  With hearing aids selling for as much as $3500 each, that's a potential savings of $1750.00.  

Let me make something really clear.  I LOVE A GOOD DEAL.  Imagine if Apple offered $500 off of their newest laptop.  Or if you could buy one Nikon camera and get the second one at 50% OFF.  I would be first in line to scoop up those deals, the problem is that those deals don't exist.

When companies can discount products by 50%, or take $1000 dollars off of the price, I always feel like the original price is just a rip off.  I mean if you can sell your products for that much lower, why not just offer your products at fare price in the first place.  

In today’s economy we can all benefit from saving some money.   Whether you’re buying a new computer, a camera, or hearing aids you should make sure you take some time to shop around.  If you’re making your purchase from a retail store it’s actually good practice to check the companies website to make sure they aren’t offering exclusive discounts to their on-line customers that they aren't offering to their customers inside the store.  Finally, check for on-line only stores.  Sometimes these stores sell the same products drastically lower than the best sale price offered in retail stores.  




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