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Steven Davies

Comparing the Phonak Lyric to the SmartAid Invisible

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Steven Davies | 0 Comments

The Phonak Lyric is a small hearing aid that we are able to fit in the clinic.  It sits incredibly close to the actual ear drum itself so the training required to fit them is quite intense.  You never want to damage a clients ear drum.

The first response I typically get when I discuss the comparisons between the SmartAid Invisible and the Phonak Lyric is typically one of curiosity.  I often hear "How can you compare a product like Lyric that costs thousands over the course of a five year period to an online invisible hearing aid?"  Well I would like to try and answer that question today.

Firstly I would like to state that Lyric is an amazing hearing aid.  I have had one in my ear and have found the fit to be very comfortable.  After the first day I did not even feel it in my ear canal.  The Lyric virtually eliminates all occlusion while wearing it too because it sits so close to the ear drum and occupies most of the occlusion causing space.  The Lyric hearing aid then should remain inserted by your ear drum for up to 4 months.  At least that is what Phonak says.  I have yet to have a Lyric last longer than 2 months.  The ear can be a very hostile environment.

The Lyric computer chip is an analog circuit.  That means that there is NO DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY in it.  When we program the Lyric for our clients we can never match what they need as far as their audiograms go.  The technology in the circuit is just not at a high enough level for us yet.

Our SmartAid Invisible is completely digital and can be custom programmed to match your audiogram extremely accurately.  The one draw back when comparing our Invisible to the Lyric is that you must change the batteries every week at a cost of about 70 cents.


Please refer to the table below for more information.



 SmartAid Invisible The Phonak Lyric
$399.00 ea $1900.00/ear/year = $9500.00 EACH for 5 years
Slightly Visible Completely Invisible
Does not require constant visits to the audiologist Requires at least bi-monthly visits to the audiologist
Will use aproximately 1 battery per week at a cost of 70 cents Cost of battery change is included in the $9500.00 per ear every 5 years

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