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Jeffrey David

Isn't It Time To Change The Way You Think About Hearing?

Posted on April 19, 2014 by Jeffrey David | 0 Comments

Isn't it often the case as we navigate through our lives that we take the simple pleasures in life for granted?  

They say we have five senses.  Are you getting the most out of each one of them?

Five Senses

What's the cost of not smelling your best? Seeing your best? or Hearing your best?

You know that feeling you get when you have no idea that your hungry until your nose catches the scent of something you find rather delightful in the air.  For me, it's usually garlic toast.  Once the scent hits my nose, my mouth starts to water and my hunger pangs start firing.  When I finally sit down to eat, it's the smell, taste and texture of the food that combine to send pleasure endorphins up to my brain.  

Can you remember the last time you had a bad head cold?  A stuffed up nose doesn't just effect your ability to smell the roses, it also reduces the flavour in your food by up to 75%.  Thankfully, head colds leave pretty quickly, with no lasting effects on our sense of smell or taste.  

Do you have a visual memory that makes you happy?  I've always been fond of the color blue and something about water makes me happy.  

Beautiful Water Image


I remember when I purchased my first pair of eyeglasses.  I had no idea how bad my vision had become until I put my glasses on for the first time.  I remember being marvelled at just how much more definition trees had from a distance.  I really didn't realize how blurry my vision was until I got that first pair of glasses. 

What about hearing?  

When is the last time you had a chance to spend time appreciating the simple sounds around you?

For me, it's the pleasant sounds of nature that flush my mind with peace and a sense that I'm exactly where I should be.  Growing up in the pacific northwest, family camping trips were a hi-lite of my summer vacations.  Something about sleeping in a tent under the stars and waking up to birds singing promotes a feeling of connection with the people in your life that matter most and a connection to the world that can't be found in the concrete jungle most of us call home.

If you get the chance to wake up to birds singing again will you be able to hear them?  If you can't hear the pleasant sounds of nature anymore- hearing aids can likely help you.  Hearing aids can amplify the missing sounds in your life to a level that once again allows you to hear them.  Hearing has a way of connecting us to people and our environment that should be embraced and celebrated.  Helen Keller once said that "vision connects us to things, but hearing connects us to people".

I know that people are more connected to their smart phones than they probably should be, but I still find it curious that most people requiring hearing aids wait years before buying them, while most people requiring eyeglasses purchase them right away.  Eyeglasses have certainly enjoyed crossing over into a fashion accessory, as much as, they are about seeing clearly.  It's fair to say that hearing aids have become much more fashionable in recent years as well.  While new designs in eyewear is about show casing the product, new designs in hearing aids is about making them nearly invisible.  Call me old fashion, but to me eyeglasses are about seeing clearly and hearing aids are about hearing clearly.   

Can you put a price on seeing or hearing your best?

Sure you can!  You can buy a pair of eyeglasses for a few hundred dollars at your local optical store or you can order your eyeglasses online and spend as little as $30, just check-out Zenni Optical if you live in the US or Clearly Contacts if you live in Canada.  

The cost of hearing clearly is far more expensive than the cost of seeing clearly and is the major reason so many people living with hearing loss decide to wait years before ordering their first pair of hearing aids.  When it comes to hearing aids, your local hearing clinic will demand $3000-$6000 for a pair of hearing aids.  Thankfully hearing aids can be purchased online at savings of about 80% off.  Whether you live in the US, Canada or anywhere else in the world, check-out Clearly Hearing where you can buy hearing aids online for as little as $299.                                               

Buy Open-Fit Hearing Aids Online

Just incase you won't have a chance to wake up in the woods anytime soon, I've brought the birds to you.  Can you hear them?


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