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8 Over-Priced Retail Items You Should Buy Online Or The Generic Version Of!

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Although you are probably aware that retail mark-ups are common, you may be shocked by just how ridiculous some store prices can be. From hearing aid prices to the average amount charged for televisions, there are huge savings to be had if you opt to make your purchases online. Here are ten over-inflated retail products that are available for a fraction of the price in online stores.

1) Long Apple cables 

10 Foot Generic Apple 30 Pin Power Cord


Everyone who owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod has wanted a longer power cord at some point.  Well, lucky for all of us, they are available. You can buy a 2 meter (6.5 foot) Belkin cord directly from Apple for $24.95, but why empty your wallet when you can buy a 10 foot generic cord from an online retailer for $3.99

2) E-readers 

Kindle Versus Nook E-Readers

While you could find yourself paying $379.99 for a Kindle, you can pick up a simple Nook for $119. When it comes to many of the fancier features provided by the Kindle, you might be better off using your laptop. If you simply want to use your e-reader for working your way through books, you will be satisfied with the download and display options provided by the Nook. 

3) Brand name medication 

Tylenol and Generic Acetaminophen

Walk into any drugstore and you'll see plenty of popular over the counter drugs at relatively high prices. In recent years, these prices have soared, while the price of generic drugs has plummeted. Generic versions of commonly used drugs are identical except in name, so there's no good reason to pay $22.42 for 325 caplets of Tylenol when you could get 500 chemically identical Acetaminophen for $10.47. Look out for cheaper versions of your favorite antacids and allergy medications as well.

4) Eyeglasses 

EyeGlass Frames

Next time you visit your eye doctor you might want to think twice before you buy your glasses there.  Gone are the days where you need to spend $400-$600 for a single pair of eyeglasses.  Just ask for your prescription and go online to place your order.  You can often find the same name brand eyewear, or comparable eyewear, at a fraction of the price at online retailers like Clearly Contacts and Zenni Optical.  Now instead of spending $400.00 for a single pair of eyeglasses from your optometrist you can buy several pairs online and still have money left over.

5) HDMI cables 

HDMI Cable

Experts caution that you really don't need to worry about interference when digital signals are traveling short lengths, and it turns out that there are no real studies supporting the claim that you need a high-quality HDMI cable. As a result, you can ditch the idea of paying $1,495 for a six foot diamond cable and pick up a Monoprice HDMI cable of the same length for a mere $3.50

7) Printer ink 

Printer Ink Refills

Every time you get a new printer cartridge, you're being conned. While it costs around $10 to produce an ounce of printer ink, the average retail price comes in at around $80. Instead of buying brand new cartridges every time, think about getting a refill kit that allow you to inject refill ink directly into an older cartridge. You can do the latter for just $14.99 or less, and the process is fairly straightforward once you try it out. 

10) Hearing aids 

BTE, Open-Fit And CIC Hearing Aid Designs

Hearing aids top our list of the most over priced retail products.  When purchased through Audiologists in retail hearing clinics you can pay as much as $7000.00 for a single pair of hearing aids.  To understand just how over-priced hearing aids are, consider that you could purchase 7 brand new Apple Mac Book Air LapTops for the same price.

7 Apple MacBook Air LapTops

Lucky for the hearing impaired hearing aids are now available at online retailers like Clearly Hearing for a fraction of the price.  Just start by having your hearing tested with an Audiologist and be sure to ask for a copy of your audiogram.  Then consider hearing aids like the Smart Aid Digital Premium for $499, boasting open-fit digital technology and lined with advanced features like Noise Filters, Feedback Filters and adaptive directional microphones.  Provide your audiogram to the online retailer and they'll program your new hearing aids to match your hearing loss before shipping them to you.

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