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Steven Davies

Five Quick Tips for Preventing Further Hearing Loss

Posted on July 29, 2014 by Steven Davies | 2 Comments

Although most cases of hearing loss are gradual and result from the natural aging process, there are certain things you can do in order to reduce the speed and severity of your hearing loss. Whether you are already looking into digital hearing aids or just starting to wonder whether you might be losing your hearing, keep the following in mind to help protect your ears. 

1) Keep the volume down

Noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. While it can be tempting to turn your music up to the highest levels when you're driving or working out, try to resist the urge to listen at high volumes when you are wearing headphones. While it is also important to keep the volume of a television, stereo or computer under control, it is headphone volume levels that are most strongly correlated with hearing loss. If your ears are ringing after you listen to music, you're listening at an excessive volume. 

Listening To Music Too Loud With EarBuds


2) Invest in noise canceling headphones

If you get headphones that more successfully block out outside noises, you are less likely to need to turn your music up to high volumes in order to hear it. While these headphones are more expensive, they enhance your listening experience at the same time as protecting your ears. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

3) Avoid putting objects into the ears

Your ears are quite delicate inside, so you should not put anything inside them unless that item has been recommended by a medical professional. For example, it's strongly recommended that Q-tips not be used to "clean" your ears.  For everything that comes out on the cotton tip their is ear wax pushed deeper in the ear that will eventually need to be flushed out by your doctor, not to mention the many cases every year of people puncturing their eardrums by sticking Q-tips in too deep.

Puncturing EarDrum With Q-Tip

4) Protect your ears in noisy environments

You need to protect your ears if you are constantly exposed to noisy environments.  Whether you work in a nightclub, saw mill, or mine you should protect your ears from the constant borage of noise your ears are under.  Same thing applies If you shoot guns, set off explosions or drive a race car periodically.  Noise damage is permanent and whether you have normal hearing or a severe hearing loss you should protect your ears from the damage of noise exposure by using earplugs.

Race Car Driver Using EarPlugs

5) Act quickly

Finally, hearing loss can cause your brain to lose its ability to clearly understand subtle differences in speech.  If you notice changes in your hearing visit your audiologist or doctor immediately.  You want to protect your hearing at all times and if you have hearing loss you want to treat it immediately.  Remember with your ears that if you don't use them, you can lose them….PERMANENTLY.

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March 22, 2016

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A correction has been made.


March 18, 2016

Whoever rights these entries needs to learn spelling. In the sentence, “Finally, hearing loss can cause your brain to lose it’s ability to clearly understand subtle differences in speech,” the word “it’s” is misspelled. It should be spelled “its.” I saw the same error in at least one other of these blog entries.

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