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Steven Davies

A Simple Trick To Extend The Life Of Your Hearing Aid Batteries By Up To 80%

Posted on June 17, 2015 by Steven Davies | 2 Comments

Most hearing aid wearers know that the hearing aid industry is very focused on profits.  Maybe that's why the little batteries that power hearing aids run out of life so quickly.  Maybe it's also why the battery manufacturers don't advertise a simple little trick that is guaranteed to increase the life of every one of your hearing aid batteries.  

Lucky for all of us a 14 year old (hearing aid wearing) high school student stumbled across the trick while working on his science project.  

Hearing aid batteries are known as 'zinc-air' batteries.  Once the little colored tab is removed from the top of the battery, the air that contacts the battery activates it.  Audiologists have told their customers for years that they are only to remove the little sticker from their hearing aids right before they are ready to use the battery.  This assumption was made by the entire community of hearing aid professionals and was rarely, if ever, disputed by the large hearing aid battery manufacturers.


Thanks to Ethan Manuel's science experiment hearing aid users can extend the lifespan of their batteries by 30%-80% by simply pulling off the tab on their hearing aid batteries and waiting 5 minutes before inserting the battery into their hearing aids.  

Click on the image below to watch Ethan's story on the local news.


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2 Responses


April 01, 2016

A number of us tried it with no improvement.


March 18, 2016

I’m wondering if anyone has duplicated Ethan’s findings in a real-life hearing aid battery experiment, using a rigorous control.

I’m going to try to do that the next time one of my batteries dies.

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