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What Could You Buy This Season With The Money You Save By Buying Your Hearing Aids Online?

Posted on December 11, 2013 by Jeffrey David | 0 Comments

Buying online has become an everyday habit for most consumers and, over the last few years, we’ve started to use the Internet to purchase all kinds of products that were traditionally only available in bricks and mortar stores. The choices available to us increase all the time and give us cheaper and more efficient ways to buy. Maybe it should come as no surprise that it is now possible to buy hearing aids online?

Hearing aids have mark-ups like very few other items.  Hearing aids are often marked up 100 to 1000 percent, second maybe to prescription drugs.  Why is it that as soon as something is considered essential, or labeled in the 'medical' category, that obscene mark-ups always follow?

Tis the season, and this article is for you early adopters.  Let's face it, buying hearing aids online is fairly new and a lot of people living with hearing loss are unaware of their options or just more comfortable with the traditional face to face interactions with their hearing professionals.  For those of you already purchasing your hearing aids online, lets consider all the fabulous things you can do with the money you saved this holiday season.

Typically hearing aids are sold in categories of technology.  Often explained as Good, Better, Best or else as Gold, Silver and Bronze or else Super-Dooper, Crazy Good, Not too Shabby.  However the marketers pitch their product, the price usually ranges between $1500 to $3000 for each hearing aid.  Let's assume you purchase the mid-range product, as most people do, and you have hearing loss in both ears so you decide to purchase a pair of hearing aids.  

You've just spent a tidy $4500.00 on a shiny new pair of hearing aids.  With all the socializing you're going to do over the holidays you've just made a solid investment...  or have you?  

Now, let's consider you're an early adopter and purchase your hearing aids online instead.  Let's say, instead of purchasing the middle of the row, you decide to purchase our premium hearing aids at $499 each.  Now, instead of spending $4500.00, you've spent $998.  

You're still going to enjoy all the sounds of the season, but you're going to accomplish it for a lot less money.  Join me on a virtual shopping spree and let's see what we can buy this holiday season with the $3502.00 that you just saved by purchasing your hearing aids online!

Let's start with the kids...

Do you have any little girls who like to play dress-up to buy for?  What little girl doesn't enjoy dressing up in a princess costume?  


If my parents bought me this when I was 10, I would have been over the moon.  What kid wouldn't love flying a helicopter all around the living room?  

Let's not forget the teenagers on the list!

How about a Retro Slushy Machine?  Can you say coolest grandparents EVER?




What teen doesn't want the latest and greatest new tech gadget on the market?

The new Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch is sure to impress.  Sure it can tell you what time it is, but it can also connect to your smart phone and allow you to take and make phone calls.  Did I mention... It's also a camera!

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch

Make your tech-crazy teen's Christmas with a New Apple Ipad Mini.

Wi-Fi   16 GB

Do you have a french fry lover on your Christmas list?  Give them a healthy fryer.  One tablespoon of oil will cook a huge batch of crispy french fries for the whole family to enjoy.  I love this fryer - I've got one at home and use it all the time! 

T-Fal Healthy Fryer



I have fond memories of my whole family snuggling up in front of the TV with all of our brand new Christmas PJ's and watching a marathon of Christmas movies.  The only thing that might have made those memories better, or at least the movies clearer, would have been a bigger TV.  This Christmas wouldn't it be nice to enjoy your favourite Christmas movie on a brand-new 60-inch TV.

Samsung Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - HDTV


After buying everything above, you still have $1473.19 left over.  With the whole family already bought for, why not buy something for yourselves.  How does a 7-night cruise for two with a balcony suite sound?

Wow, when you see just how much you can buy with the money you save from buying your hearing aids online, it almost seems hard to believe.  

For what you'll pay for a pair of brand new Siemens, Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Unitron, Widex or Bernafon hearing aids at your local audiologist office, you can purchase a pair of our SmartAid Digital Premium Hearing Aids and have enough money left over to buy every item you see below!


....You'll even get back $7.23 in change!

Merry Christmas you early adopters.  Enjoy the extra money over the holiday season!

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