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Can you recognize the signs of hearing loss?

Posted on November 07, 2013 by Jeffrey David | 0 Comments

Recognize the signs of hearing loss?

Signs of Hearing Loss
1.  You blame others about mumbling or speaking too quickly
2.  You hear loud enough most of the time, but you just can't understand what people are saying.
3.  Your family and friends will often complain that the TV is too loud.
4.  You struggle to hear more than others when people speak from another room, or even if people speak when they are not facing you.
5.  You struggle to hear speech in noisy places, like restaurants and social gatherings.
6.  You've started to avoid certain functions because your concerned that your hearing loss will put you into an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation.
Learn the signs of hearing loss so that you start working on the problem in the early stages.  Hearing loss typically gets worse over time and begins a progressively worsening social spiral, reducing the quality of life of not only the person effected by hearing loss but the persons friends and family as well.

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