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Online Hearing Aids Keep Improving

Posted on September 09, 2017 by Admin Clearly Hearing | 0 Comments

Clearly Hearing is proud to announce that our best selling SmartAid Digital Premium hearing aids are better than ever.  The new processor is capable of analyzing input sounds 3 times faster, which allows the hearing aids to make adjustments faster improving communication in life most challenging listening environments - those with background noise.

  1. Faster adaption of the hearing aid microphones  

Adaptive Directional: SmartAid Digital Premium will switch between Omni-Directional hearing and varied levels of Directional hearing automatically, which gives your hearing aids the ability to focus on speech while your conversing in noisy environments while minimizing surrounding sounds that interfere with conversation. Hearing aid adaptive directionality automatically adjusts the microphones to ensure you are always optimized to hear speech as the noise environment around you changes.

2. Faster adjustment of the hearing aid filters that process and reduce background noise

Some Hearing Aids can’t tell the difference between the sounds of conversation and the sound of a blow dryer, fridge motor or nails on a chalkboard and simply amplify all sounds the same way. On the other hand, some can.

Noise Reduction is your hearing devices ability to distinguish speech from noise and then to lower the volume of the noise while preserving the speech creating better speech clarity. By minimizing your exposure to noise your hearing device helps you to hear more of what you want to hear and less of what you don’t.

3. Faster reaction and elimination of feedback

Have you ever heard the sound of a hearing aid whistling?

That whistling is called Feedback and it happens when the amplified sound inside your hearing aid travels backwards to the microphone and is re-amplified causing whistling or squealing. With SmartAid Digital Premiums improved feedback reduction system whistling hearing aids no longer happens.

In hearing aids, faster is always better and SmartAid Digital Premium is as fast a speeding bullet.  Yes have competition!




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