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Hearing Aid Batteries


Premium Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries Online

'Have you ever tried to save money by buying no name hearing aid batteries at the dollar store?  After which you find out the batteries only last one tenth as long as the branded batteries.'

That won't happen when you buy your hearing aid batteries through us!  We are always comparing hearing aid battery companies to make sure we are providing the longest lasting hearing aid batteries at the best possible price.  

We don’t sell cheap hearing aid batteries online, we sell top-quality name brand hearing aid batteries online.  When you purchase your batteries from clearly hearing you will receive rayovac, power one, duracell or energizer batteries.  At times we may private label our hearing aid batteries if it allows us to negotiate lower pricing with our vendors.

We want all of our customers to always be fully satisfied with every purchase they make from us.  Contact us if you are not fully satisfied with your hearing aid battery purchase.


 Hearing Aid Battery Table for SmartAids

 Hearing Aid                                                               Size of Battery                                       Average Battery Life

SmartAid                                                                #13 Hearing Aid Battery                                          14-21 Days

SmartAid Invisible                                                  #10 Hearing Aid Battery                                             4-7 Days    

SmartAid Digital                                                     #10 Hearing Aid Battery                                             4-7 Da

SmartAid Digital Premium                                      #10 Hearing Aid Battery                                             4-7 Days

Learn how to dispose of your exhausted hearing aid batteries
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