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SmartAid Digital BTE


SmartAid Digital BTE
$499.00 each


SmartAid Digital BTE is a premium behind the ear hearing aid meant for people who live with moderate to profound hearing loss.With advanced automatic technologies, like adaptive directional microphones and noise filters, the SmartAid Digital BTE is equipped to help people hear their very best even in life's most challenging places, like busy restaurants and social gatherings.  

With SmartAid Digital BTE's built in TeleCoil you'll enjoy whistle free telephone conversations.  Tip: Many public places are wired to work through a hearing aids tele coil, including theatres and churches which almost eliminates background noise allowing for very clear hearing.

We are happy to Custom Program your hearing instrument(s) to your individual hearing results.  

Simply let us know if you will be sending us a copy of your audiogram by fax or email above and we will match your audiogram up to your order.  Feel free to send us a copy of your audiogram before or after you place your order.  If you don't have an audiogram we can send you SmartAid Digital BTE pre-set.  Simply select "No, ship my hearing aid(s) pre-set (No Audiogram Required)" above, and we will ship your hearing instrument(s) pre-programmed to a common pattern of hearing loss.  You can try SmartAid Digital BTE with peace of mind thanks to our industy leading 50 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

EarBuds or EarMolds

We include an EarTube which you cut to the right length with every SmartAid Digital BTE.  We also include a variety of EarBuds that you can connect to the EarTube in order to achieve a comfortable fitting inside of your ear canal.  You can also visit a local hearing professional and have them make you a custom EarMould to fit the SmartAid Digital BTE.  For clients with severe to profound hearing loss a custom EarMould is recommended to achieve higher volume levels, while reducing the incidence of feedback.  

Free Shipping In The Continental USA.

We ship our hearing aids all over the world at very reasonable shipping rates.

Contents Of Box

  • SmartAid Digital BTE Hearing Aid Instructions Manual

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