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Compare Resound Hearing Aids


We sell 100% digital hearing aids that compare to Resound hearing aids. The main difference? Our SmartAid hearing aids sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less than retail hearing clinics.

We offer quality, affordable hearing aids that are programmed and serviced by the same hearing professionals you'd expect to work with in your local audiology clinic. 

Click on a Resound hearing aid below to discover how it compares to our SmartAid hearing aids.

 Resound Forza hearing aid

Resound Forza Hearing Aid

The ReSound Forza is designed for a rich, clear, and natural sound experience at a more affordable price.

Resound Verso hearing aid

Resound Verso Hearing Aid

Verso is designed for those who seek a clear and natural sound from their hearing aids.

Resound Alera Hearing Aid

Resound Alera Hearing Aid

ReSound has designed the Alera to function like natural hearing.


Resound Essence Hearing Aid

Resound Essence Hearing Aid

ReSound offers the Essence for those looking for a more affordable hearing aid.

Resound Live Hearing Aid

ReSound has designed the Live to provide users with greater directionality in their hearing aid.


Resound Sparx Hearing Aid

Resound Sparx Hearing Aid

Sparx is ReSound's most powerful line of hearing aids, intended for users looking for solutions to profound hearing loss.

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