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Compare Phonak Audeo Q Hearing Aids


At Clearly Hearing we sell digital hearing aids that are comparable to national brands Phonak Audeo Q RIC Hearing Aid
The Phonak Audeo Q comes in four different technology levels and a lot of fun colour options.  This is Phonak's premium line of RIC hearing aids and offers high-quality noise reduction, feedback reduction, a tinnitus masking program and wireless compatibility.
The chart below illustrates some of the features and technologies available in the Phonak Audeo Q line of hearing instruments.  We've also added our SmartAid Digital Premium hearing aid to the chart for a side by side hearing aid comparison.  SmartAid Digital Premium is a available for sale on our website for $499 each.
 Phonak Q 30     Phonak  Q 50 Phonak  Q 70 Phonak  Q 90 SmartAid Digital Premium
Custom Programming Based on Individual Hearing Profile
Available Pre-Programmed, with No Hearing Test Required X X X X
Advanced Voice Detection 
Adaptive Directional Microphones
Advanced Noise Reduction Filters
Advanced Feedback Reduction Filters
Wind Noise Filters
Optimized for Natural Sound Quality
Bluetooth Enabled X
Channels 8 12 16 20 12
Programs 2 3 4 5 4







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