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Compare Costco Rexton Day Hearing Aid



 At clearly hearing we sell 100% digital hearing aids that compare to National Brands. The Rexton Day comes in two different technology levels and a lot of fun colour options.

The Rexton Day line of hearing aids is available in a RIC design and offers high-quality noise reduction, feedback reduction and adaptive directional microphones.

The chart below illustrates some of the features and technologies available in the Rexton Cobalt line of hearing instruments. We've also added our SmartAid Digital Premium hearing aid to the chart for a side by side hearing aid comparison. SmartAid Digital Premium is available for sale on our website for $499 each.

Compare Rexton Day and SmartAid Hearing Aids


Day  6+

Rexton Day 6+ Energy

SmartAid Digital Premium
Available Custom Programmed to match Individual Hearing Profile
Available Pre-Programmed, with No Hearing Test Required X X
Push Button Program / Volume Control
Advanced Voice Detection
Adaptive Directional Microphones
Advanced Noise Reduction Filters
Advanced Feedback Reduction Filters
Wind Noise Filters
Optimized for Natural Sound Quality
Bluetooth Connectivity X X X
Channels 6 6 12
Programs 3 3 4





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