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Compare Costco Rexton Pico Hearing Aid


Rexton Pico CIC model is custom crafted to fit entirely in the ear canal. Designed for those seeking a comfortable, in-the-ear hearing aid.

  • Micro CIC design
  • Outstanding combination of maximum hearing performance and minimum size
    Compare Rexton Pico with SmartAid Hearing Aids

    Rexton Pico Bridge 8+

    Rexton Pico Insight +

    SmartAid Invisible

    SmartAid Invisible Premium

    Custom Programming Based on Individual Hearing Profile
    Available Pre-Programmed X X
    Advanced Noise Reduction Filters
    Active Feedback Reduction Filters
    Wind Block Filters
    X X X X
    BlueTooth Enabled X X X X
    Channels 8 16 2 12
    Programs 4 5 3 4


    $1,999 $2,399 $399 $499
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