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Compare Starkey SoundLens Hearing Aid



Starkey's SoundLens was the first micro CIC available, in fact when it first entered the market it was known as Starkey OtoLens.  This hearing aid is meant to fit entirely inside of the ear canal.  

At clearly hearing we sell 100% digital hearing aids that compare to National Brands.  Well you can't buy Starkey SoundLens hearing aids online, you can buy a comparable hearing aid, in our SmartAid Invisible hearing aids.

Large hearing aid companies often sell the same product under multiple names, for example Starkey hearing aids are often sold under a variety of packaging labels, like Nu-Ear and Audibel.  Our SmartAid Line of hearing instruments is another example of a packaging label being applied to a product being sold under a multitude of different names.   

The chart below illustrates some of the features and technologies available in the Starkey SoundLens line of hearing instruments, as well as, our SmartAid Invisible line of hearing aids.


    Compare Starkey SoundLens to SmartAid Hearing Aids Starkey SoundLens 7

    Starkey SoundLens


    Starkey SoundLens


    SmartAid Invisible SmartAid Invisible Premium
    Custom Programming Based on Individual Hearing Profile
    Available Pre-Programmed X X X
    Advanced Noise Reduction Filters
    Volume Dial X X X
    Active Feedback Reduction Filters
    Wind Block Filters
    X X X
    BlueTooth Enabled X X X X X
    Channels 8 12 16 2 12
    Programs 2 3 5 3 4







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