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Get Started with SmartAid Digital Premium

Congratulations on taking the first step to better hearing with SmartAid.

Please click on the instruction manual to learn how to care for your SmartAid. We also strongly recommend that you read through the 5 steps to better hearing booklet below.

Press play on the video to get started using your new hearing aid. 
We ship your hearing aids with three different lengths of Ear Tubes.  We attach the medium length Ear Tube when we ship your SmartAid Digital Premium, which is the correct length for most customers.  If you do need to change to a different length of Ear Tube watch the video below to learn how.


If you accidentally snap the battery door off, or you break the battery door, this video will show you how to replace the battery door.  If you break your battery door you can order replacement battery doors by following this link:

Just click on the booklet below to start learning everything you every wanted to about adjusting to your new hearing aids.  










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