Proper Disposal of Hearing Aid Batteries | Clearly Hearing
Steve W

How to dispose of your used hearing aid batteries.

The most common type of battery in the hearing aid industry is the zinc-air type of battery.  They should not be thrown away in your trash container at home.  They should also never be thrown into an open fire as they contain chemicals that can be quite toxic if inhaled by people or animals.  By law in most US states batteries should be recycled.

The zinc in the zinc-air battery is a very hazardous component.  So is the mercury or mercury oxide if the battery you are using has mercury in it.  The major danger of dumping batteries straight into the trash is that the chemicals will leach out of the battery over time and release these harmful chemicals into the environment.

Some states even classify hearing aid batteries (and most common household batteries) as a universal or hazardous waste product.

We strongly recommend that you contact your local state, county, or provincial  recycling centres to get your local guidelines on how to safely dispose of your hearing aid batteries.

If your local area does not recylcle then please send them back to us at Clearly Hearing so we can recycle them for you at NO CHARGE!

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