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Hearing Aid Design & Technology

There are two basic styles of hearing aid devices....

Open-Fit    &     Closed-Fit

An open-fit hearing aid means that the ear canal is not plugged.  The ear bud inside of the ear canal doesn’t take up a lot of space, which allows the low frequency sounds to pass by the ear bud naturally.  This allows the hearing device to amplify the middle and high frequencies without amplifying the low frequencies, when open ear buds are used.  This is highly recommended for people with high frequency hearing loss.  Open-fit hearing aids also come with closed ear buds which allow them to amplify the low frequencies- making them the most flexible hearing aids available.

A closed-fit hearing aid means the ear canal is mostly or completely plugged.  This means that all of the sound will go through the hearing device.  People with moderate and severe hearing loss in the low frequencies will require a closed fitting.  Though the use of earbuds and earmolds all of our mini behind the ear and standard behind the ear hearing aids can be changed form Open Fit to Closed Fit.

Microphone Technology

There are three types of hearing aid microphones:

Diagram to explain the differences between hearing aid microphones

1. Omni-Directional: Hearing Aids will pick up sound equally from all directions.

Our SmartAid and SmartAid Digital devices use omni-directional microphones.

2. Directional: Hearing Aids will have a program button that allows the user to switch between Omni-Directional hearing and Directional hearing, which gives your hearing aids the ability to focus on speech coming from directly in front of you while minimizing surrounding sounds that interfere with conversation. Hearing aid directionality makes it easier for you to communicate in conversations while in noisy environments.

3. Adaptive Directional: Hearing Aids will switch between Omni-Directional hearing and varied levels of Directional hearing automatically, which gives your hearing aids the ability to focus on speech while your conversing in noisy environments while minimizing surrounding sounds that interfere with conversation. Hearing aid adaptive directionality automatically adjusts the microphones to ensure you are always optimized to hear speech as you move from quiet to noisy settings.

Only our SmartAid Digital Premium and SmartAid Digital BTE come equipped with this technology!

Back Ground Noise Reduction

Some Hearing Aids can’t tell the difference between the sounds of conversation and the sound of a blow dryer, fridge motor or nails on a chalkboard and simply amplify all sounds the same way. On the other hand, some can.

Noise Reduction is your hearing devices ability to distinguish speech from noise and then to lower the volume of the noise while preserving the speech creating better speech clarity. By minimizing your exposure to noise your hearing device helps you to hear more of what you want to hear and less of what you don’t.

Our SmartAid does not have this technology. SmartAid Digital provides basic Noise Reduction and our SmartAid Digital Premium & SmartAid Digital BTE provide advanced Noise Reduction.

Feedback Reduction    

Feedback Reduction    

Have you ever heard the sound of a hearing aid whistling?

That whistling is called Feedback and it happens when the amplified sound inside your hearing aid travels backwards to the microphone and is re-amplified causing whistling or squealing. Feedback happens most frequently in older hearing aid technology like our SmartAid BTE. With new hearing aids feedback can occur when you hug someone or talk on the phone, but the Feedback reduction system in your hearing aids is designed to minimize or eliminate any whistle or squeal that you may get from your hearing aids. Our SmartAid does not have this technology. Our SmartAid Digital provides basic feedback cancellation and our SmartAid Digital Premium & SmartAid Digital BTE provide advanced feedback cancellation.

Volume Control & Pitch Control for SmartAid BTE's

The SmartAid Digital BTE also comes with three unique programs which can be toggled between by pressing the Program button.  


Program 1: Use this program for most listening environments

Program 2: This program is optimized for improved hearing in the most challenging listening environments, i.e. Busy Restaurants

Program 3: Telecoil: Used for telephone and public places that are wired to work with a hearing aids telecoil.

You can also adjust the pitch of the SmartAid hearing aid by rotating the screw adjuster shown below. 

Volume and Program Adjustments for SmartAid Digital & SmartAid Digital Premium

SmartAid Digital and SmartAid Digital Premium both have Smart Button's which allow the user to change between 3 & 4 unique programs respectively.  When we pre-program our open-fit hearing aids we use the SmartButton like a volume control, the user simply push's the button to rotate between soft, medium and loud volume settings.  

When you order the SmartAid Digital custom programmed we optimize program 1 for hearing in noisy environments.  We increase the volume on program 2 and optimize the settings and filters for hearing in quiet to moderate listening environments.  Program 3 is the loudest program, which is optimized for TV viewing and just when you're looking for a boost in volume.  

When you order the SmartAid Digital Premium custom programmed we simply use the program button like a volume control.  SmartAid Digital Premium automatically adjusts it's own microphones and noise and feedback filters as you move from one listening environment to the next, allowing the program button to be used to simply adjust the volume.  Program 1 is the quietest, program 2 is louder and program 3 is the loudest.

Fitting Range

The fitting range of a hearing aid varies based on design and the size and power of the amplifier the hearing aid uses.  If you've had your hearing tested you can compare your audiogram to the fitting ranges of our products below.  If any of the frequencies (X's and O's) on your audiogram fall outside of the blue zones in our fitting range charts, then that tone will either be under or over-amplified.

Fitting Range for SmartAid Digital & SmartAid Digital Premium

Both the Dark Blue and the Light Blue ranges listed below are included in the Fitting Range.


Fitting Range for SmartAid (Below)


Guarantee & Warranty

All of our hearing aids come with a 50 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty.


There isn't a one size fits all response to this.  Different people have different needs and wants, whether it be price, aesthetics or ease of handling.  It is worth noting however, that we find the majority of people are happiest with the sound quality they receive from open-fit hearing aids. 


'Start Shopping'



The SmartAid is meant for people living with mild to severe amounts of hearing loss and are concerned with high hearing aid prices.

It’s our largest hearing aid and uses a number 13 battery.  This makes the SmartAid ideal for anybody with dexterity problems or under the care of others.  It comes pre-programmed and has a volume control so it’s easily turned louder or quieter to keep you comfortable.

The SmartAid is an analog hearing aid. Analog hearing aids lack the technology to tell the difference between speech and noise making it a less effective solution in noisy settings.  For this reason the SmartAid is recommended for people living quiet lifestyles and who are concerned with high hearing aid costs.  Often a popular choice for people who don't find themselves in noisy environments and who may have manual dexterity problems.  A popular choice for children purchasing hearing aids for parents in intermediate and advanced care facilities.

SmartAid is our most cost effective hearing solution.  At only $299.00 each, it's hundreds of dollars less than the same, or similar models sold in hearing clinics and doctors offices. 


The SmartAid Digital is an open-fit hearing aid meant for people who are living busier lifestyles and experiencing high frequency hearing loss.  SmartAid Digital is powered by the same computer chip that powers the SmartAid Invisible and comes the same background noise and feedback filters.  

The SmartAid Digital doesn't have a volume dial, but rather a smart button which cycles between 3 different volume settings.  Program 1 is the quietest program, Program 2 is louder and Program 3 is the loudest.

At only $399 each, similar or the same hearing aids can be found sold in hearing clinics and doctors offices for more than a thousand dollars more.

The SmartAid Digital Premium is meant for people experiencing anything from mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.  This hearing aid is for people who simply want the best.

The SmartAid Digital Premium is our smartest and most advanced hearing aid.  Its available in the same Open-Fit Mini Behind-the-Ear style as the SmartAid Digital. 

The SmartAid Digital Premium uses adaptive directional microphones to monitor the level of sound coming from behind and beside you.   The computer then automatically determines which setting will help you hear the best in your changing environment. 

To understand this imagine that your walking through a large park with a friend.  Some areas of the park are quiet and filled with beautiful sounds of nature and some areas of the park are crowded with noise and the chatter of hundreds of people. The SmartAid Digital Premium will automatically adjust it's microphone settings to optimize your ability to hear speech and reduce background noise as you pass from quiet to noisy area's of the park. This allows you to simply hear your friend without worrying about manually changing any settings on your hearing aid.

The SmartAid Digital Premium also has advanced noise reduction and whistle block technology.  These systems are constantly and automatically searching for irritating noise patterns and automatically reducing them. 

The SmartAid Digital Premium is recommended for people who lead lives involving going out to restaurants, parties, group functions, and just generally living a full social lifestyle.

The SmartAid Digital Premium is the best hearing aid we carry and can be purchased for only $499.00 each, similar or the same hearing aids can be found selling for $2000 or more.


Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars when you buy your hearing aids at Clearly Hearing and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the industryʼs longest 50 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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