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Closed-Fit (4-EarBuds)
Power Dome (4-EarBuds)


$10.00 each

We send you an assortment of EarBuds when you order our open-fit hearing aids so that you can determine the best size and design for your ear.  You can look at the image below to determine which EarBud you are using.

This allows you to buy replacement EarBuds of only the size and design that you require.  Earbuds will last a varied amount of time, however we recommend that you replace your EarBuds every 3 months as a standard.  These EarBuds fit our SmartAid Digital, SmartAid Digital Premium and SmartAid Invisible hearing aids, as well as, most national brands of Open-Fit and RIC hearing aids.

EarBuds for Open-Fit Hearing Aids

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