High Power Hearing Aid I 70dB Gain I $299 | Clearly Hearing
Right Ear - Beige
Left Ear - Beige
Both Ears - Beige


$299.00 each

SmartAid is a premium analog Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid that we ship to you pre-programmed to the most common type of hearing loss associated with a gradual loss in hearing due to Natural Aging and Noise Exposure.  You do NOT need an audiogram when you purchase the SmartAid.  The SmartAid is delivered with adjustable tubes and buds to fit most ears and comes with a volume control so it can be easily turned louder or quieter to suit your comfort level.  

The SmartAid is easy to operate, making it ideal for people with dexterity issues, or low vision.  The rotary volume dial is much easier to operate for people who have lost sensitivity in there fingers or who live with a tremor than a push button volume control.  

You can try SmartAids with peace of mind thanks to our industy leading 50 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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We ship our hearing aids all over the world at very reasonable shipping rates.


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