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SmartAid Digital
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SmartAid Digital
$399.00 each

SmartAid Digital is a 100% digital hearing aid and one of the smallest open-fit hearing aids available today.  Hearing aid wearers have called open-fit hearing aids the most comfortable and best sounding hearing aids available.  By not plugging the ear canal some sounds are heard naturally, while other sounds are amplified.  This is especially appreciated by the the millions of people living with a high frequency hearing loss.  

Multiple Volume Programs

Users love being able to change between three different volume settings with a quick push of the Smart Button located on the back of the hearing aid. 

Do you struggle to hear in restaurants?  

Do you find you need the TV turned louder than other people?  

Do you struggle to hear woman and children more so than men?

SmartAid Digital can help you hear clearly once again!  With a 40dB amplifier, SmartAid Digital is suitable for people living with a mild to moderately-severe high frequency hearing loss. 

 Available Custom Programmed or Pre-Programmed

Simply select above whether you'll be sending us a copy of your hearing test results or if you want us to ship you your hearing aids pre-set.  If you send us a copy of your audiogram, we will program your hearing aids to match your hearing test results.  

If you select for us to send you your hearing aids Pre-Set above, you do NOT need to have a hearing test or have a copy of your audiogram.  We will ship your hearing instrument(s) pre-programmed to mimic a high frequency hearing loss, the most common pattern of hearing loss seen today.  

The same or similar hearing aids sell in retail hearing clinics for as much as $2000 each!

You can try SmartAids Digital with peace of mind thanks to our industry leading 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Free Shipping In The Continental USA.

We ship our hearing aids all over the world at very reasonable shipping rates.


Contents of Box

  • Advanced features provide superior sound quality, comfort, and speech intelligibility:

    Microphone Technology

    SmartAid Open-fit uses Omni-Directional Microphones, which means the microphones will pick up sounds equally from all directions.  If hearing in noise is your biggest complaint you may want to choose our SmartAid Digital Premium hearing aid which uses Adaptive-Directional Microphones, which automatically to target speech and reduce amplification applied to side and back noise in social settings.  

    Feedback Reduction - Stops the Whistling!

    One of the biggest complaints people had about old hearing aids is that they would constantly whistle. That whistling is called Feedback and it happens when the amplified sound inside your hearing aid travels backwards to the microphone and is re-amplified causing whistling or squealing. SmartAid Digital uses Feedback Reduction technology to find the whistle and stop it in it's track, often before you ever hear it.  This innovation in hearing technology has made wearing hearing aids way more comfortable, but don't expect perfection it's almost impossible to eliminate feedback all the time. The technical lingo: 

    SmartAid Digital's feedback cancelation system uses the normalized Least Mean Squared technique with some patent pending modifications to improve feedback control and reduce entrainment. Entrainment is the tendency of the feedback system to become confused by tonal sounds. This can cause false whistling and squeaks. The anti-entrainment system on our SmartAid Digital functions to prevent problems caused by single tones, multiple tones and loud complex sounds. Our Whistle Reduction system is extremely effective for feedback occurring in the frequency range of 1300 Hz - 6750 Hz.

    With the Whistle Reduction System you will get between 17-22 dB of added stable gain.

    Background Noise Reduction

    Some Hearing Aids can't tell the difference between the sounds of conversation and the sounds of noises, like fans, fridge motors or maybe even nails on a chalkboard.  They simply amplify all sounds the same way. On the other hand, some can, like our SmartAid Open-fit. SmartAid Open-fit's back ground noise reduction technology gives it the ability to distinguish speech from noise and then to lower the volume of the noise while preserving the speech, creating better speech clarity. By minimizing your exposure to noise your hearing device helps you to hear more of what you want to hear and less of what you don't.

    The Technical Lingo: The SmartAid Digital is equipped with a layered noise reduction system. Some noise is embedded in human speech as it carries around a noisy room. Other noise is in the environment even when there is no speech present. Our SmartAid Digital has a noise reduction system that acts to remove noise in between speech syllables as well as to lower general background noise from the environment. All layers respond to noise of all intensities so it completely replaces the older versions containing expansion.

    Wide Dynamic Range Compression

    Wide Dynamic Range Compression is designed to help the hearing system make really quiet sounds louder and really loud sounds quieter.  This type of compression has been around for years and has been labeled a multitude of different things.  There is really good compression systems and really poor compression systems.  Wide Dynamic Range is only really possible on digital hearing systems. There are lots of common problems associated with Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC).  Most of the issues have been fully addressed and the clients do not have to deal with them anymore.  Unfortunately the old WDRC systems are still being sold by some hearing companies today. We have chosen to use WDRC with Dynamic Contrast Detection for our SmartAid Digital Premium.  We feel this is one of the most advanced compression systems available today.  We can raise the levels of the quiet sounds as well as reduce the loud sounds so they don't become uncomfortable.  Of course we do want you to hear things like horns and sirens.  Our system is also equipped with Dynamic Contrast Detection.  This allows the hearing circuit (combined with the powerful processing engine) to reduce further the loud sounds you don't need to hear.  It also helps you to hear better in loud environments. The Smart Aid Digital is equipped with a 2 band WDRC system.


    Battery Level Warning The SmartAid Digital will beep when your battery is low. This will allow you approximately 15 minutes to put in a new battery before the hearing system stops functioning.

  • 100 day hearing aid guarantee


  • SmartAid Digital Hearing Aid User Instructions Manual


If you send us a copy of your audiogram, we will program your hearing instruments(s) to match your hearing test results.SmartAid Digital is suitable for people living with mild to moderately-severe high frequency hearing loss.


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